Testimonials on our Pottery Repair & Restoration

“…Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the fine work you do. The quality of your work is unequaled.”

Tim Trapani,
Past President of the Noritake Society

“…overwhelmed with your fantastic restoration. I defy anyone to spot any indication of repair. Your work is flawless..”

Joann & Richard S.
Town & Country, MO

“…I continue to be very pleased with your quality of workshipment…It is very important to us in the ceramic business to have skilled artisans such as yourself upon whom we can rely and you surely are filling this role for us..”

Ronald H.
San Juan Bautista, CA

“…Your very excellent work exceeded my expectations…”

John M.
Seattle, WA

“…You did a wonderful job… it is truly a miracle. It has been a pleasure doing business with you…”

Luisita N.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

“…You managed to perform a task that I was told ‘impossible’, thank you so much for doing such a meticulously beautiful job. ”

Victoria S.
St. Louis, MO

“…not enough words to properly convey my appreciation…I feared it was hopeless, then I found you!. Your work is truly that of an artisan..”

Sharon S. A
Charlotte, NC

“…The plate is fabulous and your talents are unreal.” I cannot tell you how pleased we are.”

Barry C.
New Orleans, LA

“…the work you did restoring the Boehm pieces is magnificent. They look unscathed. We are amazed and very grateful.

Kathy B
Ladue, MO

“OK, I’m confused! I’ve spent days looking it over and I STILL can’t find where you repaired it. I’m amazed…”

Richard W.
Orange, CT

“I can tell that you love your job by how much time and care you take with each piece. You are a wonderful artist…”

Nancy M
Glenmont, NY