Pottery Repair and Restoration

American Art Pottery is another of Hamlin’s specialties. The restoration of pottery is significantly different from restoring hard paste porcelains. The clay is typically softer, the glazes often very complicated, and the finishes require a skilled artisan to replicate. Over the years Hamlin’s has proudly restored the most recognized American Art Pottery such as Weller, Rookwood, Roseville, Newcomb College, Teco, and Fulper.

In addition to better-known manufacturers of pottery in the U.S., Hamlin’s has restored hundreds of clay items of unknown age or origin, many primitive pieces, some archeological finds, all handmade, some one of a kind family keepsakes. We’ve restored baby hand castings, kindergarten projects and “collectibles” of all kinds. The same careful attention to detail is applied to all our projects no matter how small or humble their beginnings.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a customer’s eyes light up when we present them with their beloved family treasure. Let us bring your family treasures back to life. Contact us at info@hamlinrestoration.com.