Porcelain Repair Services

Since 1993 Hamlin’s Restoration has specialized in the seamless repair and restoration of porcelain, pottery and other ceramic art. With meticulous attention to detail we reconstruct missing areas, match colors perfectly, apply beautiful hand painting which mimics the original artist’s skill and brush strokes. We even carefully reapply crazing, imperfections or flaws by hand. Our goal is to bring your treasure back to its condition before it was damaged. We do not over restore to make the item look brand new; we do not remove any detail nor do we add anything the original artist did not intend.

Some of the fine porcelain we have restored include art by Meissen, Sevres, Sitzendorf, Limoges, Old Paris, Royal Worchester, Bow, Dresden, Boehm, Royal Doulton, Doughty, Kituni, Imari, Sumida, Satsuma.


Another interesting technique used by Hamlin’s is the ancient art of Japanese Kintsugi. Also known as Golden Tracery, the repair is made by using lacquer made from the Urushi tree and gold powders. This very distinctive type of repair is one of our favorites to do primarily because of the philosophy behind Kintsugi.  Although thought to be lost, the object can be made even more beautiful because of the damage.  We often think of how Kintsugi can apply to people as well as objects.


For more information on restoring porcelain or the Kintsugi method please contact us at info@hamlinrestoration.com.