Lladro Restoration

Made in Spain since the early 1950s Lladro is among the leaders in manufacturing beautiful porcelain art. Lladro continues to dazzle us with new offerings every year created by some of the most talented sculptors in the world.

Hamlin’s Restoration is one of only a handful of restorers in the United States referred by Lladro, USA We have repaired or totally restored hundreds of damaged Lladros with beautiful results. We can create many missing elements but flowers and other added embellishments can be purchased directly from Lladro by contacting them via their website: or by calling 1-888-448-3552 If you have a damaged Lladro you would like us to evaluate, please first email a photo to info@hamlinrestoration.com. Gloria Hamlin will respond personally with a preliminary estimate.
Lladro Porcelain RepairLladro Porcelain Restoration

Lladro eagle, broken in 3 major pieces with multiple chips and missing areas

Lladro’s “Cinderella’s Arrival”