Hummel Repair

Some of the most charming and collectible items in our Grandmother’s china cabinets are Hummel figurines. Originally designed in the 1930s by Sister Berta Hummel, a nun in Germany, they depict everyday scenes of children at play, working or at worship. Manufactured by the Goebel Company they started life as humble keepsakes that first found their way to America in 1935. After World War II, The Goebel Factory began producing Hummels once again, and they became a favorite gift brought back to America by the GIs after World War II. The popularity of Hummels grew and eventually practically every household in America had at least one. It’s still hard to resist their sweet faces and lovable poses. Each original Hummel was lovingly painted by hand by talented artists who are no longer with us. So, before you toss your broken Hummel in the trash please send us a photo and let us bring your little treasure back to life. Contact us at

Hummel Figurine RepairHummel Porcelain Restoration

Hummel broken in approximately 10 pieces with multiple chips and areas missing.