Dear Hamlin customers,

After 25 successful years Gloria Hamlin has retired and the studio has closed. In that time she has produced countless stellar restorations and has formed warm working relationships with customers around the world.

She has been our instructor, mentor and lead cheerleader as we pick up the torch by forming our own restoration studio. The care and respect she has shown in her approach to the work and her customers has provided us a template for moving forward. We have all absorbed Gloria’s passion for restoration and are excited to open our own studio and to get back to doing what we love. We aren’t currently accepting jobs but please stay tuned!


Hamlin’s Restoration Studio professionally repairs and restores precious ceramic antiques and collectibles including fine porcelain, pottery, jade and other 3-dimensional decorative art. Family owned and operated since 1993 Hamlin’s has grown from a one-person operation to an international corporation with a staff of 5 professional artists.

Restoring fine antiques and collectibles is our passion. By combining old world skill with modern technology Hamlin’s brings your family treasures back to life. Our well-trained staff will take a badly damaged or glued item, dismantle it, remove the glue, reassemble the pieces, fill chips and cracks, recreate any missing areas such as arms, fingers, etc., match the original color, airbrush, hand paint any lost detail, glaze to match the original finish and hand polish. Our meticulous approach to restoration is in keeping with our pledge:

Pottery Restoration ServicesHamlin’s Restoration Studio pledges to provide the highest quality restoration at a competitive price, using the finest materials available, paying strict attention to preserving the integrity of the item. Hamlin’s further pledges to always honor the history of the item, its value and its sentiment. We never alter the item by removing material or add elements that the original artist did not intend. All restorations are reversible in keeping with the recommendations of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works as well as the South African Academy of Ceramic Conservation.

Our goal is to provide the same high caliber of quality to every job, using the finest material available to the professional restorer. Our concern for achieving a seamless restoration is the same for all clients, no matter the value of the item.

We are proud to be recommended by many of the country’s finest collectors and dealers of fine ceramic art including ancient Chinese and Japanese works of art, Meissen, Sevres, Limoges, Old Paris, Lladro, Weller, Roseville, Rookwood, Hummel and many more. We are also the only restorer in the United States recommended by Arts of Italy and the Capodimonte Society.

Not every piece of porcelain we restore is antique or even valuable except to the owners. Our philosophy is simple: if it is valuable to you, then it is valuable to us and warrants all the skill and experience we can provide.

If you have questions about our antique repair and restoration services, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary evaluation, please contact us today.